Olympic Alien Invasion Cancelled…. Ian R Crane IS Flash Gordon………….

13 Aug

Hi there Glowsters,well now here it is the verdict on the closing ceremony of the London Olympics and judgment passed on one or two aspects of it or more rather one peculiar fool in particular one Ian R. Crane and his nonsensical predictions as aired in the “Currant Bun” a while ago.

I also imagine those journos, pundits and commentators can rest easier in their beds now not having to wake up to yet another day of having to outdo themselves and one another by way of hyperbole to find ever more exotic and florid rhetoric to replace the commonplace language used to wax lyrically on the games coming up with different words to define amazement,wonder,awe and other superlatives to form the running commentary on what after all was just another sporting event of little real consequence to us mortals and plebs other than to provide distraction and entertainment from the more important and pressing matters facing the nation. 

Julius Caesar

“I come to bury Caesar not to praise him…?” 

So then from this self-styled alt-view dictatorial guru and his ridiculous deep-geopolitics,which in yours truthfully’s estimation amounts to just making up a load of daft and inane propositions and then marketing them as the truth,the offerings as outlined by him in the paper are now in hindsight self-evidentially probably the grandest selection of abject tommy-rot ever to have come out of his ignorant gob (2012 notwithstanding).

This veritable Mr.Toad of Toad of Toad Hall fame,puffed up egocentric off on another round of his geopolitical fads aimed at paying troof acolytes everywhere,some of whom presumably will still attempt to defend it all,and him,in the style we have become accustomed to when dealing with brain-laundered loons of the alt-view persuasion.. ?

“Toad takes the wheel.Another fad…..Poop Poop indeed….pass the scooper…..” 

And I wouldn’t mind betting that those who attend his next lectures not one of them will ask the question on what went so drastically wrong with his Olympic predictions hmm?Nor indeed ask for their money back?

Although for anyone thus aggrieved I would be happy to provide the rotten fruit,tomatoes and eggs free at the door at any of his upcoming shows for those wishing to deliver their judgment on his peculiar nonsenses in the time-honoured  vaudeville tradition.Custard pies optional……. 

“Fire at will….”

But please aim the eggs at that old ill-fitting suit hmm,after all there is already enough of the stuff on his face to make a record-breaking large omelette.Or should be?And in any case a few more stains on that monstrous piece of sartorial inelegance will hardly be noticeable unless Edge or Youtube start upping their game to HD any time soon?hmm?

Perhaps Edge would care to air a new Ian R Update Spesh,as they were so keen to do in the past,so that this great man can explain precisely what went so badly wrong with his erudite analysis and at least have the courtesy to offer viewers,however few these days,to get even a new convoluted spin on the proceedings or even maybe just an apology?I will even suggest a title……

“Ian R crane Olympic Alien False-Flag Special….What Went Wrong??”

Unlikely in the extreme methinks………..

 “No show….” 

There was however some excitement at the opening ceremony regarding an alleged UFO sighting but this turned out to be merely the Goodyear Blimp oft-times wheeled out for these occasions no aliens required…….although there was a bit of speculation on the part of yours truthfully that this was just Edgemedia’s very own Goodyer blimp in the shape of Mr.Crane supporting himself and his propositions utilising only hot-air.A commodity he has in abundance freely available at his lectures. 


“The Goodyear Blimp NOT  the Goodyer Blimp?”

Anyhow enough of the preamble down to business…….

The predictions in a nutshell,or should that be nutcase?

Firstly that the logo signalled the setting up of Zion in London?All because in his mind it spelt the word ZION rather than being just a stylised pictogram produced from the imagination of the artist commissioned to provide the work.

Well that did not happen.

Secondly,that post-games martial law would be declared by our leader and PM Dave Macaroon (but he appeared to be too preoccupied ‘dad-dancing’ with London mayoral buffoon Bozza Johnson)……..and I note Mr.Crane may be arrogant enough to claim that the missile-battery on top of the apartment block near the stadium,plus the failure of G4S to deliver requiring teams of presumably relieved squaddies being put on security duty rather than risk being blown up in Afghanistan might be spun out to claim a partial success?

But this would be stretching it just a tad?hmm?Ok then stretch away he will anyhow…… 

“James Arness as Martial (sic) Matt Dillon in Gunsmoke….or is that smoking-gun??As ever….YOU decide” 

Thirdly that the excuse for all this false-flaggery would be under cover of an announcement of imminent alien invasion…..and I quote……from The Bun….

“The notion that the Government is covering up the truth is the strongest theme in Ian Crane’s DVD stall at the expo. Dad-of-three Ian, 55, is hoping to spread the word that the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games on August 12 could be a target for a full-scale “alien invasion”

He said: “I think it will be the perfect setting for a ‘false flag’ invasion, in other words the event will be made to look like an extra-terrestrial invasion but in fact it will be a deception and really the work of the world’s governments, to keep us all living in fear.

“I don’t care if people call me a nutter, I hope that by spreading the word about what’s going to happen I can help save thousands of lives.”

“Flash (ah-haaa) he’ll save every one of us?Well farsands anyway…..”

(“What’s going to happen”…???…..it didn’t………Ok then…. nutter it is?Well,he said he didn’t mind?

And saving thousands of lives??The ego attains maximum velocity of new-age new-messianic proportions…..modest git isn’t he even by troofer standards?)

“If enough people know about it in advance then the attack will not be carried out. I’m simply sowing the seed in the mind of the public.”(Or perhaps just jerking-off?)
So there it is,with the get-out clause at the end which hopefully will not convince anyone of there having been anything meritorious in this ridiculous piece of publicity-seeking skullduggery?Sowing seeds is it?And what dark blossoms might have sprung forth in the minds of those incapable of refuting this fallacious hooey?Those truly On The Edge?Those darlings of the alt-view,hmm?

Again here if one took one’s own contrived peculiar lunacy for a run the sight of some of the participants at the closing ceremony wearing what looked like tin-foil cone hats might suggest some were taking no chances,or not….. or it may just have been part of a costume,there were lots of those.

“Tin-foil hats in abundance….protection or theatre?As ever……..?”

Well now….ask yourself this question…..did any of it happen?

Answer?No.Why not?Because it was all just at best the product of one man’s fantasy or at worst a pack of downright lies.Nothing whatsoever to do with the government bottling-it because of this man having publicised it.

Imagine that?MI5,MI6,the MoD having spent years planning this just to scare the public witless having to pull the plug at the eleventh hour all because of Craney’s article?

“Some tubby troofer in a bad suit has rumbled us,no not AlexG the other bad suit……memo to PM……’Dear Dave mock alien invasion cancelled….bollocks….shredder on standby….clearing out desks ……usual pro forma letters of resignation in the mail’….”

Hardly likely is it? 

Just to conclude the Olympic theme  Mr.Crane did not disappoint insomuch as I did nominate him as a late-entry for the high-jump and in that respect I think we can chalk it up as another gold for Team GB.or Team IC whichever you prefer.

When it comes to abject failure he surely did shatter his personal best.

Not to mention the dreams and aspirations of those who follow him?

Whatever they might be?

Listen if you have bought tickets for any more of this geezer’s presentations you might want to consider getting a refund?

The returns policy may prove to be a bit of a marathon though?

In fact for anyone who still might believe in the rubbish the guy preaches may I suggest that his world ranking is now on a par with the likes of Harold “Carry On” Camping in the credibility stakes?

harold camping

“Rapture or rupture?Shattering his personal best?” 

“Babs Windsor in Carry On Camping….. tits up….bit like Craney’s predictions?” 

In fact this whole exercise has left him looking like a bigger tit than both of Barbara’s put together……and that is quite a lot of tit trust me……..

So there we have it or not as it happened,yet another troof guru found wanting in the factual department.

Still I don’t imagine for one millisecond that will put him off any or those new-age sheeple who just can’t seem to get enough of this type of idiocy and who will concentrate no doubt on his get-out-of-jail free card in defence of him?

Their gullibility knowing no bounds.

Each to their own I suppose………..roll on December 2012……and if he still commands a following after that??

There is no hope left that you will ever be normal again.but hey no matter,just keep examining the truths as presented through the fat end of the telescope and condemn yourselves to dwell in the mind-warp pavilion for the rest of  your lives….see if I care………

Well that is my legacy to you all from the Olympics,and unlike the event itself it hasn’t cost the taxpayer or you a penny………..

The Olympic flame may well have been extinguished but yours truthfully’s continues to burn ever more brightly…………casting light into the darker recesses of the alt-view imagination.

Keep on Glowing.

14 Responses to “Olympic Alien Invasion Cancelled…. Ian R Crane IS Flash Gordon………….”

  1. therealjaney August 13, 2012 at 9:35 pm #

    now now doc….the alien invasion false flag event i merely “postponed”……….

    • Doctor Strangeglow August 15, 2012 at 5:12 pm #


      His ‘prediction’ was the false-flag event,he is trying to be innovative.


  2. Postnein August 17, 2012 at 10:11 am #

    No respect for the man. He made his money, now his off!

    However, there was a deep occult edge to the opening and closing ceremony.

    • Doctor Strangeglow August 19, 2012 at 7:14 pm #


      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.
      Of course in my view one could read occult significance into most anything?
      And everything is open to interpretation depending on what one might be looking for?
      Does not however necessarily mean it is there.
      kind regards

  3. Astraldruid August 17, 2012 at 3:22 pm #

    Well well well,
    howdy me old rambling foe, of sorts.
    Nice to see you are still functioning in this quiet little corner of cyberwebville,, i jest !.
    I must agree with you on the spurious rubbish that has been spuriously spouted by the fat bunch recently,, big IRC especially…
    Maybe you and Janey should swap phone numbers,, would save you a lot of typing ??


    • Doctor Strangeglow August 19, 2012 at 7:18 pm #

      Nice of you to drop by.
      And glad you have come to the same conclusions albeit maybe for differing reasons,on that particular subject anyway?
      Save a lot of typing?I like typing a lot….as you know full well…………….
      wish you and your lot well

      • astraldruid August 20, 2012 at 2:26 pm #

        Hi Doc

        It is nice to see your creative side prevailing, i did always enjoy your posts on edge, when they were not in attack mode. But such was that place, maybe one reason to like IRC, for eventually bringing it down… My conclusions on the truth mob, were made a long time ago, they have no idea of what truth is. I just frequented the EMTV forum as it had people who had at least begun to question things (which i’m sure you agree is a good thing), and i wanted to try and steer people away from the ‘new age’ or ‘truthers’, so as to find the truth in themselves,, without removing the excitement of cospiracy and doom porn….
        The only time i ‘use’ channel 200 is when i spend a few wasted moments trying to work out what the hell they are talking about on ‘democracy now’…



    • therealjaney August 20, 2012 at 10:37 pm #

      what makes you think we haven’t? 25 words??

      i’m surprised you still type on your astral plane.

      • Astraldruid August 21, 2012 at 7:41 am #

        Full of surprises me, Janey…. But only dropped by for a bit of friendly banter and to say hi to Doc. Looking forwrd to your next article Mr Strange, and if it’s of a decent standard i may feel tempted to glow myself, if i can manage to manifest in this reality density for long enough !! 😉


      • Doctor Strangeglow August 21, 2012 at 8:54 pm #

        Of course I am always up for a bit of banter as ever………
        Hope you continue to feel The Glow,everyone is welcome to comment here,for against or undecided,I don’t mind.
        The Doc has always had a mutually inclusive policy.
        Unlike….hrrmph…some establishments……????
        Thanks for your enthusiastic comments regarding my humble efforts,they are appreciated.
        If not a little teensy weensy bit unexpected??
        You do realise that now your reputation in some quarters is probably shot,don’t you?
        If so,you are more than welcome to frequent here,rest your weary head,hang your hat,sit a spell….and other cliches too numerous to mention.
        kind regards

        PS Is Ian R.Pain (the “r” standing for “right” even when “wrong”…..ok .rephrase that…Ian W.Crane….??The “w” standing for…..????
        Answers on a dirty postcard please……)
        Is he…..you know….Flash Gordon,Flush Gordon(to wit down the proverbial pan),or simply a Flash In The Pan of the same idiom??
        As ever…..YOU decide………

  4. astraldruid August 22, 2012 at 8:14 am #

    My reputation is a non issue,, as i don’t use any forums or sites other than perceived reality,, and all those who are there know me pretty well now.. as for the others ?? who freakin cares Eh ??.. My commenting here, should not be unexpected, we had a run in, yes, who was right ? who knows? who cares ? life goes on, we all learn and progress, maybe in different directions, but isn’t that the beauty of life, variety ??…
    As for the ‘truthers’ IRC and most of the rest,, i have often expressed my opinion regarding my understanding that these muppets are part of the ‘controlled awakening’ (not your fave term), i can’t help feeling that they are in position to excite, inform and ultimately trap the ‘possible awakees’ in a world of complex conspiracy and doom, hence occupying their minds and making them feel like they are making a difference by partaking in this charade,, backed up by conferences ,youtube clips.and annoying voices in terrible cloth… Such a simple ploy really, but an effective one… so far anyway…

    One parting shot fired at me by yourself was likening me to ‘truth gurus’,, i don’t know if you have ever dropped by our little forum, but that is not what i am all about. I partake in discussion, yes, sometimes find some interest in the topics, but always encourage ,those partaking, to come to their own conclusions…and if they don’t i’ll tell them the way it is !!! :-)… no no no..
    As for you final IRC query (oohh) ,, he is (to me) what he is, a sharply dressed 🙂 smooth tongued 🙂 seductively cool truth celeb,… with an agenda.


    • Doctor Strangeglow August 23, 2012 at 9:01 pm #

      Hi again….of course what you believe personally is a matter for you,and I recall our exchanges in the Edge forum concerning them on many occasions.
      I always found you one of the more pleasant members although you were equally as intransigent when it came to your beliefs and had your moments.
      However I found those discussions more civil than with others I could mention.
      I found it very interesting and quite fascinating how the old forum disintegrated from a purely psychological and socio-psychological perspective.
      Your group was the first splinter and by and large consisted of the more benign members and was entirely self-spirit based.
      The irony in that I found when I had a gander was the dating-site ads.
      I know you have no control over that but it did make me smile a bit…..given the spiritual bias.
      The Chithouse,as we call it on Edge of Reason (HDIGH’s/Zappa’s forum)was made up of the con-theo extremists and Edge of Reason became home to the skeppies.
      All those forums to one extent or another read one another,but many would not readily admit this,as indeed no-one reads my blog…..or they tried it once but did not inhale?
      Anyway pleased you have taken the time to comment and you are welcome back here anytime.
      Pleased also that you see through Edge and certain individuals in particular,you just have to work on the other stuff a bit harder now.
      may your god go with you,personally though I don’t need one.
      I may have mentioned this before???????

  5. AstralD October 17, 2012 at 8:49 am #

    “I’ts all gone quiet” said custard
    “TOO quiet” said roobarb.

    2012 racing towards it’s climatical anti-climax ? or is there a sting in the tail of all tales ?



    • Doctor Strangeglow October 19, 2012 at 7:15 pm #

      Hello AD can’t keep away can you??
      As a matter of fact I just posted a new blog right up your alley,or rather channel?
      Rhubarb?Custard?Attracts wasps if looking for a sting in the tail?
      Well it was too quiet so just for you…………
      As for 2012 not much of it left.
      No plans to cancel my End of Year blog just yet and looking forward to a happy new year,
      and it will be once all this doomsaying rot is proved wrong.Shift or no-shift.
      Look forward to blogging it.
      Trust you are well?
      kind regards

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